Month: March 2017

Why I bought a soundbar for my bedroom


Many of my friends wondered why I spent money on a soundbar for my bedroom when I already have a great home theater system setup in my living room. They also thought it was a waste of my money, but after a month of using it I am convinced it was the right decision for me.

There are several reasons why I wanted a soundbar in my bedroom. The main one being that I was tired of listening to the muted and distorted sounds that were coming from my HD TV. After spending money on a top rated flat screen TV and mounting it perfectly on my bedroom wall, I wanted it to sound just as great as it looks. In case you haven’t guessed I enjoy watching television in bed, and my home theater system is located in my living room.


I chose a sound bar instead of surround sound speakers because of its significantly lower price. After spending a lot of money on a HD TV and my home theater system, I needed something that was a little more budget friendly. Along with their more affordable price, today’s soundbars are also capable of producing high quality sounds. Even my friends who initially thought I was wasting money agree that the soundbar was a good purchase.

Another reason I decided to buy a soundbar was that its compact size is perfect for my small bedroom. I didn’t want a couple of speakers taking up a lot of space that I actually need for my stuff. I was also afraid that I would end up using the tops of the speakers as convenient tiny tables, and this can cause damage that would make it necessary for me to spend more money on replacements. I have my sound bar conveniently placed on a nearby shelf. It is out of the way and its sleek design blends in beautifully with the rest of my things.

Finally I decided to buy a soundbar because they are ridiculously easy to setup. All I had to do was connect it to my HD TV and I was ready to go. After trying to connect my home theater system to all of the devices I was definitely ready for something a little easier. While I will admit that I do get better sound quality from my home theater system, but to watch TV in the bedroom I am perfectly happy with my soundbar.