Are boomboxes obsolete?


Everyone who has lived during the 60s and 70s or who has wanted to look into these times knows that boomboxes were something big at the time. Some other obsolete technologies that I’ve witnessed disappearing over time include the Walkman and the radio. Taking your boombox in front of your apartment building and sitting on the stairs just chilling with friends was something naturally enjoyable.


I am a bit nostalgic whenever I see a boombox or the one that I used to listen to music on when I was younger. Despite not using it rather often nowadays, I have kept it and still like looking at it from time to time. I have my collection of cassettes that I won’t get rid of in my life, and I hope to pass them on to my grandparents at some point or the other.

Eventually, I became interested in studying the device per se so that kept up to date with recent advances, if there were any. To my surprise, a couple of years ago, I found out that boomboxes were still being sold and quite popular. I considered getting a new model, and so I began my research on the matter. Soon enough, I found some boombox with Bluetooth reviews. These models are significantly smaller compared to their full-size counterparts, so they can offer you the advantage of portability.

Also, the capabilities of the unit will enable you to listen to anything from CDs to the music you might have on your smartphone. You can tune into your favorite radio station without really making an effort especially as digital frequencies currently utilized are far more enjoyable than those I used to listen to when I was younger. First off, you needn’t fiddle with any buttons or rotary dials, so you save both time and your nerves.

It’s also worth noting that some of the boomboxes I came across are even equipped with USB ports. What this means for the end-user is that he or she will be able to benefit from enhanced connectivity. You can use your tablet, cell, or any other mobile device and connect it to your boombox. Now, I know I might be a bit too nostalgic and try to convince others to at least consider getting a boombox, but the fact of the matter is that the alternatives I stumbled upon have few to none of the drawbacks of antiquated models.

Of course, if you aren’t convinced that such a device might be a good idea for you, you can always opt for the more convenient and even more portable option consisting of a Bluetooth speaker. It’s all a matter of personal preference, in the end, as such speakers are far more compact and can be carried around with ease.

My favorite movies of 2016


So far it has seemed like 2016 is the year of remakes and sequels when it comes to movies, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the movies released have been highly entertaining, while others have made people wonder why they wasted their time and money. There have also been a few originals that have been highly entertaining and well worth the price of a ticket. If you’re trying to catch on missed movies and aren’t sure which ones to watch, here are a few of my favorites from 2016.


Finding Dory

Yes, I know that this is a sequel to the widely popular “Finding Nemo” and that it is geared for kids, but it is really hard not to be entertained by these fish. The cast of stars that provide the voices for the fish are perfect, especially Ellen DeGeneres as the friendly, loveable and forgetful Dory. While it is categorized as a children’s movie, it is just as entertaining for adults.



I simply couldn’t stop laughing at this movie, even though it does come with a strong message. The city of Zootopia is comprised of all types of animals, and each neighborhood has its own environment that is perfect for the residents that live there. The movie partners a rookie detective who happens to be a female bunny with a seasoned fox that is basically a con artist. It explores touchy topics like racism and inequality in a way that is touching, funny and non offensive. I truly believe that this movie is a must see for kids and adults.

Captain America: Civil War

This movie might just seem like the latest installment in the ongoing remakes of Marvel Comics, but it really is worth the cost of a ticket. Not only do you get to see some of your favorite superheroes and actors all in one place, the script is actually pretty entertaining. There are plenty of jokes and wisecracks, thanks to Robert Downey Jr. The fight scenes are spectacular, even if they are completely unrealistic. If you want to get lost in a movie that is purely entertaining, then I suggest that you take a couple of hours and watch Captain America and the Ironman battle it out on screen.

These are only a few of the great movies released in 2016, and I encourage you to find your own favorites.

Why I bought a soundbar for my bedroom


Many of my friends wondered why I spent money on a soundbar for my bedroom when I already have a great home theater system setup in my living room. They also thought it was a waste of my money, but after a month of using it I am convinced it was the right decision for me.

There are several reasons why I wanted a soundbar in my bedroom. The main one being that I was tired of listening to the muted and distorted sounds that were coming from my HD TV. After spending money on a top rated flat screen TV and mounting it perfectly on my bedroom wall, I wanted it to sound just as great as it looks. In case you haven’t guessed I enjoy watching television in bed, and my home theater system is located in my living room.


I chose a sound bar instead of surround sound speakers because of its significantly lower price. After spending a lot of money on a HD TV and my home theater system, I needed something that was a little more budget friendly. Along with their more affordable price, today’s soundbars are also capable of producing high quality sounds. Even my friends who initially thought I was wasting money agree that the soundbar was a good purchase.

Another reason I decided to buy a soundbar was that its compact size is perfect for my small bedroom. I didn’t want a couple of speakers taking up a lot of space that I actually need for my stuff. I was also afraid that I would end up using the tops of the speakers as convenient tiny tables, and this can cause damage that would make it necessary for me to spend more money on replacements. I have my sound bar conveniently placed on a nearby shelf. It is out of the way and its sleek design blends in beautifully with the rest of my things.

Finally I decided to buy a soundbar because they are ridiculously easy to setup. All I had to do was connect it to my HD TV and I was ready to go. After trying to connect my home theater system to all of the devices I was definitely ready for something a little easier. While I will admit that I do get better sound quality from my home theater system, but to watch TV in the bedroom I am perfectly happy with my soundbar.